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How Many Different Beer Steins Markings Are There?

When looking for how many different beer steins markings are there, most are amazed that there exists 694 different manufacturers of beer steins over the centuries, with a majority of them being made in Germany. Many of them had multiple markings that would change over the years.

Some of the ones still producing German beer steins include Thewalt, Zoller and Born, Merkelbach, SKS Pewter, Gerz, King-Werk, and Von Poschinger.

The Albert Jac Thewalt Stoneware German beer steins factory is located in the Westerwald region of Germany, in the city of Hohr-Grenzhasuen. This factory started producing German beer steins in 1893 but can draw its roots back to 1781. The founder, Albert, learned his trade from his father and grandfather who were the original stein makers in the family. Today, they employ 15 craftsmen that produce 75,000 steins a year.

The Zoller and Born is one of the newer manufacturers of German beer steins. They have great pride in their high-quality handmade steins that feature traditional designs and themes. This factory is also located in the Westerwald region, so access to the superior clay of the area is readily available to them. This company was founded in 1956 by Alois Zoller and Werner Born. They specialize in Relief steins that are handpainted and have a pewter lid. They are currently exporting their steins to 30 different countries around the world.

The Reinhold Merkelbach beer steins have been made since 1872. In 1921, the name was changed to Merkelbach & Wick. This company has had such a good reputation for their quality that they have been asked to make German beer steins for other manufacturers. In some cases, it was just the lid, and in others the entire stein. A few of the clients that sold Merkelbach & Wick under their brand names were J. Reinemann, Martin Pauson, Theodor Wiesler, and Josef Mayer.

The Merkelbach & Wick German beer steins can be either blue-gray or cream-colored stoneware. The lids were made of pewter of various sizes in height. The sizes of the steins were either liter or 1 liter. The handles of this producer is also unique, but copied by others. They use a stepladder or split stepladder style of handle. It has horizontal rungs between two vertical posts. The markings for their steins have changed over the years so this is a great way to determine the age of one of their steins.

The SKS Pewter Company was founded in 1920. All of their German beer steins are all-pewter, with no stone work. They are located near the Transtein Mountains in Germany. Their pewter steins are made of 95% pure pewter.

The Gerz Stein Company was founded in 1857. They are also located in the Westerwald region of Germany. Their steins are handcrafted stoneware in traditional German steins. They have had financial problems in the past, but have maintained their traditional high quality steins and are again manufacturing steins for the world market.

The King-Werks Stein Company is owned by the Wuerfel & Mueller GmbH and Company. They are located in the Westerwald region and also produce stoneware German beer steins. Their steins follow the examples of antiques steins. The name KING stands for Keramik Internationaler Geltung or "ceramic of worldwide reputation".

The Von Poschinger is a high-quality glass German beer stein. Their glass stein production started in 1568. They have the oldest glass factory in the Bavarian Forest and is still in use today.

To know just how many different beer steins markings are there will never be known. The Merkelbach stein company alone has 8 of their own, so you see the problem with how to count all of them.


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