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Does Beer Really Taste Better in A German Beer Stein

Does Beer Really Taste Better in A German Beer Stein? The answer by those that use theirs on a constant basis is yes. The only thing that varies are the reasons given for the increased flavor.

The most logical reason for the enhanced flavor of beer when being consumed from a German beer stein is the fact that beer is the only fluid that is placed in the stein other that the dishwater that is used to clean it.

The stoneware that makes up most of the interior of a stein is slightly porous. This allows for small amount of the beer to become entrapped in it. Just like a coffee cup that some users do not clean for the added flavor, many use this as the principal behind using a beer stein to consume their favorite beer.

Many people that do not use a German beer stein to drink beer think it is all physiological. In part they are right. The mind is a very influential part of your environment. If a person really believes the beer tastes beer from their favorite stein, it will. In part just because you believe it to be true, it actually is.

For those of you that love a cold beer, the German beer stein is the best possible container to keep your favorite beverage at a lower temperature than the surrounding air. This is in part due to the insulating characteristics of the stoneware and the always present lid.

The lid will also provide protection when outside. While the flies that carry the Black Death are no longer present where most people consume beer, they still are capable of drowning in the beer. Some just brush this off as an old wise tale, but if you ever had a crunch while drinking beer, you know it is true and happens more often than you wish. So by using an authentic German beer stein with a lid, you can avoid the displeasure of swallowing a fly that has made its way into your drink.

Many people just love drinking out of their German beer steins for the simple reason that they can. This was and still is today a status symbol. In the early days of the German beer stein, not everyone that went to a tavern could afford their own stein. Many patrons just shared a stein with others. If you were wealthy you had your own.

Today just like yesteryear, not everyone owns their own authentic German beer stein. For this reason you will stand out from the crowd. It is also a great conversation starter when at the pub. Another thing is it shows that the owner of a stein never consumes more than they should. The only way to keep your stein unbroken is to never drop it and slam it into anything. When many people get drunk, they do both of these things.

Does Beer Really Taste Better in A German Beer Stein, of course it does. It is just the reason will be your own.


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